About Us

Bayview-Idaho started life as a family based construction firm. We first started trading in 1987. To begin with, we were just a father and son team. But since then, the family has expanded considerably!

Today we are more than just a family business. We are a respected local firm who can supply the staff to ably complete any type of construction project.

We now have five offices locally and have built up a reputation for reliability, as well as value for money.

Whether your needs are large or smaller, we can send the right person that your job calls for.

Communication is a rather overlooked skill in construction, we feel, that is why our team always take the time to really get to know you and your needs properly, before doing anything.

We like to get things down in writing, before attempting anything, even the smallest job. This way, everyone knows where they stand, before we start.

Our services cover the whole board, from architectural, to electrical and construction.

We can design, manage and install your build or re-fit, no matter how big it is. Or how small.

Relax, knowing that the job is being taken care of professionally and even the admin is under control. We can arrange everything from on-site inspections, to payroll for your project.

Whether you want a small job doing in the house or an office block building, our team can supply the exact blend of experience and skill that your project needs.

We have expertise in delivering state of the art residential, commercial, industrial, educational, leisure, public sector and retail projects, on time and on budget.

The key to our success is the people in our team. We only hire experts and even more importantly, we only send the right expert to the right job.

So when you hire us, you can be sure you are getting the best personnel possible!